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Our Returns Policy                                                                                           

We appreciate that sometimes our customers get a rush of blood to the head and order the wrong t-shirt and consequently just want to change it, or just get a refund. Similarly, if they’ve recently been hitting the gym to tone the tum, have started sprouting pecs, or have changed protuberance, the size they ordered may no longer fit...even if they are! 

So, if you need to return an item for a refund, get an alternative size, or replace with a store credit to be used later, please put on the kettle and take the time to read over the various options and terms and conditions below, so you fully understand our Returns Process. We want our customers to be happy, so by doing this, hopefully we can sort out any issues, as soon as is reasonably possible and avoid any delays in service.

Sending your unwanted item(s) back                                                     

bloodychic t-shirts are not mass produced for the retail trade, they’re individually made to order for you, our customers, which means we spend time checking for any flaws or defects, to make sure your items meet the quality standards we expect before we send them on their merry way. 

We realise that people have second thoughts, so we allow customers a strict 14-Day Refund Period, during which they can decide if they are happy with their order or prefer to return their item(s) to us for a refund.  

If you do want a refund, (not an item exchange or credit) you must inform us in writing within an initial 14 days by e-mailing to, quoting you Order Number. Please note, refunds cannot be returned if this first 14-day period allowed has elapsed without us being contacted, but you may still exchange an item or be given store credit against a later purchase. You have a further 14 days to physically return the items themselves. 

Refunds will only be to the amount of the item(s) purchase price and won’t include the cost of shipping. For practical security reasons, we cannot give cash refunds, while the refunds themselves can only be repaid directly to the same credit card the customer used in the original purchase transaction.

Delivery/Shipment Charges or Postage Costs for Returning Items

If the reason for you returning items was due to a mistake or fault on our part, like despatching a wrong order to you, we are happy to include the postage cost of returning your items; no problem. 

The Reimbursement Process (Standard Delivery Costs)                           

Ok, so here’s the drill; You must inform us in writing within 14 working days by sending us an e-mail to, quoting you Order Number and give us a brief description of what has happened and we’ll get on the case.

To ensure you qualify for the repayment of your postage costs, please make sure to send back the items within 28 days. If customers do not return items within this 28-day period, they will the liable for the postage cost incurred, as unfortunately they will no longer be eligible for repayment of postage costs.

Condition of Returns                                                                                      

Any unwashed or unworn merchandise may be exchanged for a different size or store credit if received within a further 14 days after the initial 14-day grace period has elapsed. (Total returns time of 28 days). If any item returned to bloodychic is found to be ineligible for return, refund or exchange, for reasons stated within these terms, the customer will be responsible for the shipping costs to send their item(s) back to them.

Can Discount for Clearance, End of Line or Sale items be returned?   

Other than there being a fault with an item, no sale, discount for clearance, or end of line items can be returned or exchanged, as the items have been offered to customers as reduced price to clear.

How do Returns work for an Overseas Customer Exchanging an Item 

From the day a customer receives their item(s), our 28-Day Returns Policy starts to come into effect, although this does not include the actual time in transit to get back to us, so you don’t need to panic. We do understand it may take some time for the item(s) to be returned to us from different parts of the world, so please email a copy of your postage receipt showing the item/items have been posted back to us within 28 days of receiving them. Very simply, once we can verify it has been posted within 28 days of receiving it, then that works ok for us. We will email customers to let them know we have received your returned item(s) and are dealing with your request.

How do Returns work for an Overseas Customer Refund?                            

If a customer wishes to avail of a refund, the 14-Day Refund Policy begins from the day the customer is in receipt of their item(s). You must contact us within 14 days of receiving your order, to inform us of your intention to seek a refund. Please email a copy of the postage receipt showing the item(s) have been posted back to us within 14 days of receiving them.

If we don’t get refund notification, or if goods have been posted back outside the 14-day grace period, unfortunately this will render any refund request ineligible. We appreciate time may vary for the item(s) to get back to us from different parts of the world, but very simply, once we have been informed and can verify items have been posted within 14 days of receiving them, this is fine. 

To avoid any potential issues, we recommend that any items being returned to us from overseas are sent by Recorded/Registered Post only. The onus is on customers to provide proof of despatch and it is their responsibility to ensure items for return are delivered.

A Check List of how to return an Item to us…                                               

As with any item you bring back to a shop or store, your Returns should be handled with due care and attention, so they should be folded and packaged in a way that protects them, in order that they are acceptable for resale. We hope you appreciate that when you return any item(s), it must be in a condition eligible for resale. bloodychic reserve the right to assess any damage incurred during return shipment and if necessary, to refuse such items.

We cannot accept returns if their condition is has been affected by and smells strongly of (cigarette, cigar) smoke, cooking/food body odour, aftershave/cologne, perfume, or are stained with make-up or liquids, as bloodychic are unable to resell any of these returned items.

Similarly, we will not accept returns or allow their exchange for any item, if the return has been washed or dried by any means, or has been damaged, stretched, stained or marked in any way.

Keep your Invoice                                                                                         

Your invoice is a record of your purchase details, so please remember to keep, just in case you would like to exchange an item within the agreed terms as outlined. If you want a refund, or to exchange your item(s) for any reason, please remember, you must return the item(s) in all the packaging, along with your original purchase invoice. Remember to keep a copy for yourself, as it has important details on it that will help us deal with your query promptly.

Please include a brief note explaining why you are returning the item(s) along with your Order Number. Keep documentation separate from the item you are returning, as if the package becomes wet in transit, ink may be transferred onto the item(s) resulting in it becoming ineligible for return.

Send your return(s) to:

bloodychic Ltd
Returns Dept.
47 Haddington Road
Dublin, DO4 R2E2
Republic of Ireland

How long will it take to process my Refund or Return?

Depending on the volume, the processing of returns or exchanges for refunds may take up to two weeks. That said, every effort will be made to make this process as quick as possible. Remember to read our Returns Policy recommendations carefully, to avoid any delays in handling your returns.

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