Bloodychic ‘body billboard’ to support anti-racism in Ireland

On-line Irish retail start-up, has created an anti-racism ‘body billboard’ T-shirt, 8:46, giving people the chance to promote a powerful, positive message and support the work of the Immigrant Council of Ireland. A donation of €5 from sales of every T-shirts bearing the words, Truth has its moment, change has its time, will be made to them.

What does 8:46 signify? David O’Sullivan, Director, “8:46 is the length of time a Police Officer kept his knee on George Floyd’s neck. It marks time on a tragedy, while hopefully signifying the very moment of change for something better. We were shocked by his death and stirred by the Black Lives Matter movement and equally so after hearing about racist treatment of immigrants in Irish society.”

The Body Billboard. “We hope people buy this 8:46 T-shirt as a ‘body billboard’ and become allies against racism, not just now, but as a reminder to us all in the future. We’re happy supporting the Immigrant Council of Ireland with this timely and pivotal anti-racism initiative.”

“ create socially satirical and ethical T-shirts, we hope will highlight important messages to help jump-start a conscience, embolden your resolve, make you smile, or just open up a conversation with someone… ideas grow, minds change and progress happens.”

Brian Killoran, CEO, Immigrant Council of Ireland, said, “The Immigrant Council has long campaigned to end racism and promote positive action to aid migrant integration. While we need to see more effective and coherent top down action from our political leaders, the strong, spontaneous and compelling testimony in recent weeks has shown how important is to stand in solidarity against racism in your local community.

“If we’ve learnt anything, it is that it’s not enough to be non-racist, we all need to be anti-racist. We need to be visible and effective allies. We’re delighted has chosen to create this t-shirt with its powerful anti-racist message and to make a donation to us to continue our work.”

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